Application monitoring with New Relic

New Relic is an application performance monitoring tool (amongst other things).

To use with ArchivesSpace you must:

  • Signup for an account at newrelic (there is a free tier and paid plans)
  • Edit config.rb to:
    • activate the newrelic plugin
    • add the New Relic license key
    • add an application name to identify the ArchivesSpace instance in the New Relic dashboard

For example, in config.rb:

## You may have other plugins
AppConfig[:plugins] = ['local', 'newrelic']

AppConfig[:newrelic_key] = "enteryourkeyhere"
AppConfig[:newrelic_app_name] = "ArchivesSpace"
  • Install the New Relic agent library by initializing the plugin:
      ## For Linux/OSX
       $ scripts/ newrelic
       ## For Windows
       % scripts\initialize-plugin.bat newrelic
  • Start, or restart ArchivesSpace to pick up the configuration.

Within a few minutes the application should be visible in the New Relic dashboard with data being collected.