Technical documentation for ArchivesSpace

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Running ArchivesSpace as a Unix daemon

The startup script doubles as an init script. If you run: start

ArchivesSpace will run in the background as a daemon (logging to logs/archivesspace.out by default, as before). You can shut it down with: stop

You can even install it as a system-wide init script by creating a symbolic link:

 cd /etc/init.d
 ln -s /path/to/your/archivesspace/ archivesspace

Note: By default ArchivesSpace will overwrite the log file when restarted. You can change that by modifying and changing the $startup_cmd to include double greater than signs:

 $startup_cmd &>> \"$ARCHIVESSPACE_LOGS\" &

Then use the appropriate tool for your distribution to set up the run-level symbolic links (such as chkconfig for RedHat or update-rc.d for Debian-based distributions).

Note that you may want to edit to set the account that the system runs under, JVM options, and so on.

For systems that use systemd you may wish to use a Systemd unit file for ArchivesSpace

Something similar to this should work:

Description=ArchivesSpace Application