Technical documentation for ArchivesSpace

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The Docker configuration is used to create automated builds on Docker Hub, which are deployed to the latest version when the build completes.

Please note:

Custom builds

Run ArchivesSpace with MySQL, external Solr and a Web Proxy. Switch to the branch you want to build:

#if you already have running containers and want to clear them out
docker-compose stop
docker-compose rm

#build the local image
docker-compose build # needed whenever the branch is changed and ready to test
docker-compose up

#running specific containers
docker-compose up -d db solr # in background
docker-compose up app web # in foreground
>to access running container
docker exec -it archivesspace_app_1 bash

Sharing an image

To share the build image the easiest way is to create an account on Docker Hub. Next retag the image and push to the hub account:

docker tag archivesspace_app:latest $DOCKER_ID_USER/archivesspace:$TAG
docker push $DOCKER_ID_USER/archivesspace:$TAG

To download the image: docker pull example/archivesspace:awesome-updates.