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Running ArchivesSpace under a prefix

Important Note: Prefixes do NOT work properly in versions between 2.0.1 and 2.2.2

This document describes a simple approach for those wishing to deviate from the recommended practice of running each user-facing ArchivesSpace application on its own subdomain, and instead serve each application under a prefix, e.g.

This configuration described in this document is one possible approach, and to keep things simple the following are assumed:

Unless otherwise stated, it is assumed that you have root access on your machines, and all commands are to be run as root (or with sudo).

Step 1: Setup proxies in your Apache configuration

The following edits can be made in the httpd.conf file itself, or in an included file:

ProxyPass /staff http://localhost:8080/staff
ProxyPassReverse /staff http://localhost:8080/
ProxyPass /public http://localhost:8081/public
ProxyPassReverse /public http://localhost:8081/

Now restart Apache.

Step 2: Install and configure ArchivesSpace

Follow the instructions in the main README to download and install ArchivesSpace.

Open the file archivesspace/config/config.rb and add the following lines:

AppConfig[:frontend_proxy_url] = ''
AppConfig[:public_proxy_url] = ''

(Note: These lines should NOT begin with a ‘#’ character.)

Start ArchivesSpace.

Step 3: (Optional) Lock down ports 8080 and 8081

By default, the staff and public applications are accessible on ports 8080 and 8081

Since these are not the URLs at which users should access the application, you will probably want to close them off. See README_HTTPS for more information on closing ports using iptables.