Technical documentation for ArchivesSpace

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Running ArchivesSpace with external Solr

Assuming you’ve unzipped a fresh new release there are a couple of steps to take:

Setup a Solr core

On the Solr server make a core available for ArchivesSpace. Copy the solr files from the ArchivesSpace source into the core’s conf directory and enable it:

Solr Directory

Disable the embedded server Solr instance

Edit the ArchivesSpace config.rb file:

AppConfig[:enable_solr] = false

Note that doing this means that you will have to backup Solr manually.

Set the Solr url

This config setting should point to your Solr instance:

AppConfig[:solr_url] = ""

Include path if required:

AppConfig[:solr_url] = ""

You should monitor the ArchivesSpace logs and Solr to ensure that the indexer application is connecting to the external Solr instance.